Friday, November 28, 2008

Sunn O))) / Earth Split - Angel Coma

Sunn O))) and Earth did a split together.
Its called Angel Coma.
Honestly this was my first introduction to Sunn O;
Because of how big an Earth fan I was.
Its was a pretty good introduction to me.

The tracks are:
  1. Coma Mirror ( Sunn O))) )
  2. A Plague of Angels (Earth)

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Sunn O))) - White 2

Sunn O))) White 2
If you ever feel the need to supply an amazing Drone album
to become the soundtrack of a session
of heavy drug use and insane sex;
Make sure you supply yourself Sunn O's White 2.

Sunn O))) - White 1

Sunn O))) is one of the leading names in Drone, this is one of my favorite Sunn O))) releases. Go into this one with a very open mind.

Pagan Altar - The Time Lord

Pagan Altar's The Time Lord is easily one of my all time
favorite Doom albums.

The song "Judgment Of The Dead" is easily one of the
sickest songs I've ever heard.

I have another different quality version of the song,
were the vocals are raspier and harder to hear
but the music is much clearer and mixed very well.
The drums are pretty driven.
But it was given to me on a mix CD by a good friend.
And I don't know what CD or demo tape it came from.
If anyone knows what I'm talking about please hit me up.
I'd like to own it.

Anyways this is Pagan Altar's The Time Lord.

Pentagram - Demos 71 - 72

Coppage personally doesn't think this is how I should
first introduce Pentagram to the blog.
But I'm really in a Doom mood at the moment
and want to share.

So this is Pentagram Demos 71 - 72
Its composed of there first demo tapes.
I adore it. One of Doom's original starting bands.

Boris - Heavy Rocks

Boris is a band of many genres, hailing from Japan. With there name coming from a Melvins song, it is no surprise that they do not stick to a single genre, and will often experiment with music, always searching for a new sound. This album is a very solid stoner rock album, with a bit of a fat ass and very catchy riffs. I highly suggest it to any fans of Stoner rock.

Enjoy :)

Alix - Ground

Alix is one of those bands that never get the credit they deserve
for being as awesome as they are.
Female Fronted Stoner Phyc from Italy.
I've had extreme audio trips to these guys many times now.
This is there first album (2004) with vocals in english.
Honestly these guys are worth checking out.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Kyuss / Queens Of The Stone Age Split

This is were I choice to start.

The Kyuss / Queens Of The Stone Age split.

The Tracks include:

  1. Into The Void (Kyuss, A Black Sabbath cover.)
  2. Fatso Forgotso (Kyuss)
  3. Fatso Forgotso Phase II (Kyuss)
  4. If Only Everything (QOTSA)
  5. Born To Hula (QOTSA)
  6. Spiders and Vinegaroons (QOTSA)