Thursday, November 27, 2008

Pagan Altar - The Time Lord

Pagan Altar's The Time Lord is easily one of my all time
favorite Doom albums.

The song "Judgment Of The Dead" is easily one of the
sickest songs I've ever heard.

I have another different quality version of the song,
were the vocals are raspier and harder to hear
but the music is much clearer and mixed very well.
The drums are pretty driven.
But it was given to me on a mix CD by a good friend.
And I don't know what CD or demo tape it came from.
If anyone knows what I'm talking about please hit me up.
I'd like to own it.

Anyways this is Pagan Altar's The Time Lord.


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Anonymous said...

oh, I found it. Sorry

Anonymous said...

The version of "Judgement" you describe sounds like the one from the album Volume 1.