Monday, July 13, 2009

Blog News

Hey guys, sorry about our brief period of absence, Miles had problems uploading things and I'm currently recovering from a hard drive failure that killed about 100 gb of my music, we will now be uploading more frequently, and we also will be fixing all the broken zshare links and converting them to megaupload. Sorry for our absence yet again, and thank you anonymous comment poster... you know who you are. It shows that people actually check this shit out, and thats important. We want to introduce you to our world of music, any feed back is awesome.

Things to expect in the some-what near future:
Fixed broken links.
Musical Experimentation of the Enlightened Mind: My Drone/ambient stuff that I've been messing around with, looking purely for feedback.
And just maybe... Me and Miles band's 3 track EP that we may or may not be recording this august!

For those who fallow us, we thank you, we enjoy your feedback and hope for more.


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