Thursday, October 29, 2009

Last Rizla

This band approached me about a week ago threw this blog to send me there first recording. Last Rizla is a extremely experimental band hailing from Greece. They kinda remind me of a Causa Sui type of band, but heaver. Expect some heavy, stonerish riffs, with some nice clean tendency's. These guys jam hard and I'm looking foreword to anything else they release.


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Trash said...

Hi !

You should check out great band from Estonian hard-rock underground named Tolmunud Mesipuu. They recently uploaded their first CD album with one bonus track to net for free download to everybody. Package includes some photos, CD cover and music in mp3 with 320 kb/s bitrate. Tolmunud Mesipuu is basicly instrumental stoner with influencal elements of country, jazz and doom. Enoy and feel free to share the link.

Heres the link to download :

Keep up the good work!