Thursday, October 22, 2009

Zac Harmon - The Blues According to Zacaria

Expect nothing but some straight blues here, Zac Harmon is a blues-man hailing from Jackson, Mississippi. This album is a pretty typical 'clean blues' album, filled with tons of soul. Don't expect any thing dirty or gritty such as some R.L. Burnside works, but instead some good classic blues done by one of the best in the field today. It should also be noted that he slays live. He blew The Nighthawks, Blood Sweat and Tears, and Jonny Lang out of the water at the Chesapeake Bay Blues Festival (whom all put on wonderful shows, mind you).

The Blues According to Zacaria

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Last Rizla said...


emm.. how can i contact you? there's no mail address.. anyway:

Here is the first demo of my band Last Rizla ( ): .
I won't cope categorizing into a genre - there's a lot of different sounds in there. Well, it's heavy. Recorded in March 2009 in Thessaloniki, Greece. Mastered and printed in Athens, Greece. Released just a few days ago (22/10). 1000 copies (cd only) each with slightly different artwork (we hand-stamped all the packages). Not on a label - we give it around for free..

We would really like to see it uploaded - so, if you want, listen, write a line and post.
If you wish, you can give us a physical address and send you a bunch of 'em.